Taste With Tori: Get In The Holiday Spirit With A Merry Little Meal At Braddock’s Tavern In Medford

MEDFORD, N.J. (CBS) — HolidayFest is headed to Medford on Friday. And to celebrate, Vittoria Woodill is taking us to a tavern on Main Street that’s serving a little merry Christmas with your meal in this week’s Taste With Tori.

You can have yourself a merry little meal in Medford At Braddock’s Tavern where fire and ice are so nicely presented in an 1800s inn.

They don’t call it the holiday season, they call it Braddock’s season.

“You can bring the most miserable, unhappy person to Braddock’s for dinner and then have the singers come sing at the table, by the time you leave, you have Christmas spirit,” Managing Partner Bob Wagner said.

It’s not only the sounds that will get you in the spirit but the flavors of their lobster mac and cheese, crusted cod, wild mushrooms over herbed Foccacia bread and braised lamb shank.

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