Pittsburgh Bureau Of Fire Welcomes 31 New Recruits

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Chief Darryl Jones called the new graduates an addition to the family.

“People on the shift, they work together, they live together, we’re a family,” he said. “So when the family extends, it’s exciting.”

The group of 31 graduates included second and third generation firefighters, including Dominic Deluca who’s father is a fire lieutenant.

“He has to listen and follow directions and his officers will always lead him in the right direction,” said Lt. Guy Scatena, Deluca’s father.

Deluca recalled the 32 weeks of rigorous training.

“[It was] long, very long, learned a lot, hopefully everything we need to know, looking forward to getting some time on the job, very exciting,” he said.

The city has been criticized in the past for its lack of diversity among firefighters.

There were no women in this class but more than 10 percent are minorities.

Sixteen of the firefighter graduates are military veterans, including Pharaoh Moore, who said it was an easy decision to become a firefighter.

“When I was deployed, being around firefighters and talking to them, it just made me more engaged,” he said. “They are well prepared for what they have to do on the street. The education is over but the training and experience is not.”

The new class of firefighters will report to their stations on Monday for their first day of work.