Delaware County Charity Grants Christmas Wishes For Several Local Families

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Christmas wishes came true today for several people in Delaware County who needed some holiday cheer. It was all thanks to a group of grateful people who formed a charity aimed at giving back to their own community.

Gifts big and small, with a ton of heart — thanks to The Delco Group.

“We’d surprise them with a Christmas gift after being nominated by someone in their community,” said John Port, president of The Delco Group.

A group of friends from Delaware County who decided to make a difference.

Credit: CBS3

“I just cried, I’m still in shock,” said Nicole O’Brien, of Ridley Township.

O’Brien’s two-year-old has Leukemia.

The group started a foundation in little Rowan’s name providing money for parking and meals to families of cancer patients.

“Delco has always been a great place to live and grow up and stay. These guys have proven it’s the best place to be,” O’Brien said.

The weekend before Christmas, the nonprofit, started by 11 friends who wanted to give back to their own community, helped 14 families receive a Christmas wish.

Juan Ortiz, of Clifton Heights, is the father of two young boys. His wife Jill was given six months to live after a cancer diagnosis and two weeks later she died.

Her final wish was to take their sons to Disney World together.

“Something that became a more serious conversation when she was diagnosed but we were never afforded the time,” said Ortiz.

Juan, his sons, and their Mickey Mouse shirts with “Mom” printed on the back are now going to Walt Disney World thanks to The Delco Group.

A Christmas gift and chance to grieve, all because of a group of friends who wanted to do something good.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s amazing,” Ortiz said.