Chosen 300 Ministries Brings Philadelphians From All Walks Of Life Together For Christmas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One ministry in Philadelphia uplifted the less fortunate in the city on Christmas. Chosen 300 Ministries held a special celebration and meal Wednesday that brought together Philadelphians from all walks of life.

While most kitchens were closed on Christmas Day, Chosen 300 Ministries opened its doors to those in need of fellowship and friends.

Philadelphian spirits were lifted at Chosen 300 Ministries on Spring Garden on Christmas evening.

They came to hear the gospel and after the sermon, everyone broke bread.

A lot in attendance are apart of Philadelphia’s homeless community.

Tony Bennett says this year, he’s no longer living on the streets thanks to Chosen 300, but around this time last year, things were much different.

“I was on the street too. And I was eating hair and I was going to school at ITT from the street,” he said. “So then I would come here to eat every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I didn’t have no money.”

Chosen 300 helped get Bennett back on his feet. Now the ministry is hoping for its own miracle.

“Right now with the change in the tax law, our organization is actually down like most nonprofit organizations about 5 to 7%,” Chosen 300 Ministries Executive Director Brian Jenkins said. “We’re $35,000 less in revenues this year than we were the year before.”

As Chosen 300 continues to spread cheer throughout the holiday season, they’re hoping residents are willing to give.

If you would like to donate to Chosen 300 Ministries, click here.