Philadelphia Police Searching For Man Who Stole Tip Jar From Bustleton Restaurant On Christmas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are searching for a man who snatched workers’ hard-earned tips at a local restaurant. The theft happened on Christmas night inside the Judah Mediterranean Grille on Krewstown Road in Bustleton.

Some businesses at the Krewstown Shopping Center were closed for the Christmas holiday but some were open – and several who were all had an encounter with the same man.

Those business owners believe that man was searching for a tip jar, and unfortunately, he found one.

It was dinner time at Judah Mediterranean Cuisine. As a kosher eatery in the Bustleton section of the city, their doors were open on Christmas and that’s when the suspect walked in.

“It was just so nonchalant, so easy for him to just get up here. He just looked around, turned around, looked at everybody,” Yahali Abitan said.

That man, who was caught on surveillance video, asked to see a menu then stood off to the side and glanced over each shoulder.

Credit: CBS3

Moments later, he returns to the counter. It appears he had already made up his mind on what he wanted.

The man is seen slipping that jar behind his menu and then shuffling out.

“To see that everybody is working on the holiday — all the girls put their heart into it – working hard. At the end of the night, they were supposed to split it. There was a lot of money in there,” Abitan said.

The theft wasn’t noticed until it was too late.

When shown the video, a neighboring business realized they encountered the same man.

“He actually went in there first to see if there was anything. I guess he just scouts around and that’s what he does,” Abitan said.

A police report has been filed.