South Jersey Woman Searching For Mystery Person Leaving Cards, Christmas Cookies On Grandparents’ Grave

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (CBS) — A woman in South Jersey is turning to Facebook to help solve a mystery: Who is leaving cards and Christmas cookies on her grandparents’ grave?

“My grandpop, I miss eating cheese sandwiches with just mustard and then my grandmom, we watched all the Disney movies,” Shelly Fuls said.

Those are the moments that Fuls says she misses most.

Her grandfather passed away in 1997 and her grandmother died on the same day five years later.

Credit: CBS3

Every year at Christmas, she and her parents go to visit their graves in Mays Landing. But in 2013, they noticed someone else had been visiting too.

“We started noticing there was cookies on the grave at first, and we didn’t see it at any other grave. People used to tell me it could be Boy Scouts or just little kids messing around and I was like that doesn’t seem right,” Fuls said.

Her instinct was right. In 2015, the visitor left behind more than just cookies.

“We started seeing cards pop up. Every year they were giving a little more detail and detail. This year was the first year we had a letter “J” on there,” Fuls said.

“J” writes that they’re going through a rough time but that Earl and Dorothy Fuls give them hope.

Credit: CBS3

Fuls is trying to find who’s behind the mysterious Christmas cookies and cards.

“I just want them to know that there’s other people in the Fuls family that would be willing to help them because they’re definitely going through a hard time,” she said. “Every time the letters says they’re going through a hard time and my family would open up their arms and take them in.”

The Fuls family is hoping whoever is writing the cards is watching or reading.

“This could be a cousin, a sister, brother it’s just some mystery,” Fuls said. “We want to know the answers and we want to make closure for my family, closure for the person who’s writing the letters to let them know there’s people out there who care too about them.”