Taste With Tori: Autograph Brasserie In Wayne Celebrates Past And Present With Unique Decor, American Fare

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) — Now that you’re all done cooking for the holidays, why not enjoy a bite out to eat? In this week’s Taste With Tori, Vittoria Woodill takes us to a Delaware County restaurant that celebrates the past and present.

It’s time to ring in the new year with a bang at Autograph Brasserie, where you can sit and sip sensational cocktails under brass band instruments bursting from the ceiling and dine on modern American fare that’s been given the celebrity treatment.

Take your seat beneath a sycamore, in sight of a soprano or alongside your favorite star.

“Everybody walks in this place and thinks it’s a museum,” General Manager Casey Klyer said.

As Klyer shares, we all have a favorite that’s become a part of our history.

“When people come into the bar, they’re just like ‘Do you remember that album? Remember when we saw Joe Walsh at The Fillmore?’ It brings back a lot of great memories,” Klyer said.

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