FBI Sends Out Warning To Elderly In Western Pennsylvania About Scams

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The FBI says scammers frequently prey on the elderly, especially during the holiday season.

Officials say fraudsters are raking money in, taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in 2019.

“Seniors usually have a nice nest egg put away so they have more money available,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Bob Jones said. “And seniors are more polite. They are more willing to talk to someone on the telephone or the internet.”

Jones says a number of scams are constantly hitting our area.

There is the romance scam, where contact is made online and a relationship develops.

“And they promise them to come visit,” Jones said. “Or they’ll meet them somewhere and ask for a bank account or electronic funds to facilitate that.”

There is the grandparent scam, where someone gets a call about a grandchild being in custody.

And the sweepstakes scam arrives through the mail.

If you believe you or your parent may be being scammed, contact the FBI or your local police department.