Family, Friends Gather To Remember Leona Dailey In Penn Hills

PENN HILLS (KDKA) — Dozens gathered in Penn Hills for a vigil in memory of 18-year-old Leona Dailey Saturday night.

The search continues for the gunman who killed Dailey the day after Christmas.

Police say she got into a fight with another woman in the parking lot of Flinn’s Pub and Restaurant in Penn Hills.

Someone pulled out a gun and shot Dailey in the head.

She died at the hospital.

“To be truthful, I feel dead,” said Leona’s father Leon Dailey. “The next day after Christmas, that’s when I heard, received the phone call. I couldn’t move.”

Family and friends released balloons, lit candles and prayed in the Flinn’s Pub parking lot.

“Everybody’s here in terms of showing their support for Lay Lay,” said Leona’s uncle Dennis Briggs. “It’s heartfelt for us. We’re thankful that we have this type of support.”

Leona’s family says the 18-year-old was drinking in the restaurant prior to her death.

They are questioning why the restaurant would serve alcohol to an underage customer.

“She’s allowed to come in and drink, underage drinking and it’s just like a free-for-all here,” Briggs said. “It should have never occurred.”

Several of Leona’s family members said they have tried to contact the owners of the restaurant, but have not heard back.

The restaurant was closed Saturday night, and owners could not be reached for comment.

KDKA also asked Allegheny County Police Saturday if the restaurant was cooperating with the investigation, but did not hear back.

Leona’s family is all too familiar with loss.

Her mother died of a heart attack within the past year, and her sister was shot and killed several years ago.

“This is even more hurtful and it rips our heart apart the fact that we have to be in this situation tonight,” said Briggs.