Beaver County Single Mother Loses Home To Massive Fire

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) — A single mother and her three children lost everything after a massive house fire in Beaver County.

(Photo Credit: Brian Owen/Submitted)

The fire was in the 300 block of Celestial Drive in Economy on Thursday. The entire block came out to support the family.

KDKA was told the mother works two jobs to support her children and has already lost so much.

“She lost her husband,” neighbor Michelle Millor said. “A very beautiful lady inside. She’s working hard now.”

The mother’s workday starts at 4 a.m., and she has done this since her husband’s death 12 years ago.

“It just breaks my heart to see her cry and how hard she works,” Millor said. “I can’t tell you how much she works for these kids.”

The family was not home at the time of the fire, but the family’s two dogs were inside.

One dog was rescued and the other dog, Little Bear, could not be found.

The family hopes the dog escaped and someone will find him.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Two of the children are in college, and KDKA was told they were home for the holidays.

The other child is in high school.

The mother was at work when the fire started.

Officials have not said what the caused the fire.

A GoFundMe has been started for the family.