Local Civil Rights Attorney Claims Video Shows West Mifflin Officers Allegedly Assaulting 15-Year-Old Girl

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (KDKA) – A school bus brawl involving two juveniles sparked police intervention.

It happened on a bus headed from West Mifflin High School to Steel Center on Dec. 18, according to the West Mifflin School Superintendent.

The two females allegedly started fighting and the bus driver called 911. When two West Mifflin Police officers came onboard, an incident ensued and part of it was captured on camera.

Police charged one of the female juveniles, but will not release the details of the charge.

The juvenile’s hired attorney posted video of the incident on social media. Attorney Paul Jubas claims the video captures the officers allegedly assaulting his young client and he tells KDKA he wants the district attorney to watch the video and take action.

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This past Wednesday a 15 year old girl was brutally assaulted by West Mifflin police officers on a school bus. My office has been retained by her parents to represent her throughout her legal ordeal. Sergeant Christopher Mordaunt and Officer Tommy Trieu committed a crime when they brutally assaulted this tiny girl. They sprayed her blood all over her fellow students and incited riot-like conditions on a school bus. Everything was calm on this bus until these officers began their vicious assault. To make matters worse, other videos prove they lied in their affidavit of probable cause. She’s taking college level courses at West Mifflin High School, and studying Culinary Arts at Steel Center Vo-Tech. After school every day, she works the 3-10 shift at a local fast food restaurant. She started her own bakery business in middle school and operates it to this day. She intends on growing her business once she graduates from high school. This disgusting incident was her first brush with the law, and it will not define her. It will, however, have definitive consequences for Sergeant Christopher Mordaunt, Officer Tommy Trieu and the West Mifflin police department. We demand the immediate firing of these officers. All charges against her must also be dropped. More to come, stay tuned.

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In the short clip, you can see the two officers trying to restrain the 15-year-old girl.

One officer allegedly pulls the braids of the girl and her head yanks backwards. At that time, the other students start yelling and trying to intervene, asking the officer to leave her alone and to not pull her hair. The second officer appears to try to hold her one arm back and put her in handcuffs.

The district’s superintendent tells KDKA’s Meghan Schiller that one of the juveniles “made contact with the officer’s jaw/chin” prior to the start of the recorded video clip and said both juveniles faced disciplinary action as a result of the Dec. 18 incident.

Meanwhile, attorney Jubas wrote on Instagram saying his client was “brutally assaulted” and that they “sprayed her blood all over her fellow students and incited riot-like conditions on a school bus.”

He named the two officers allegedly seen in the video and continued saying he demands the “immediate firing of these officers.” He also said the he has “more video,” but does not want to release it at this time.

West Mifflin’s police chief said he could not comment about the specific video.

The district attorney’s office told KDKA’s Meghan Schiller: “Our office is not permitted to comment on information involving juvenile court proceedings.”

West Mifflin’s Solicitor Attorney Phil DiLucente told KDKA he could not comment on the pending criminal charges because it involves a juvenile, but he said the police officers acted appropriately at all times.

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