With Laura H. Carnell School Scheduled To Open Monday, Philadelphia Teachers Union Says It Still May Not Be Safe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s Laura H. Carnell School will reopen on Monday now that the asbestos cleanup is completed, but the teachers union says it cannot assure the school is safe. The elementary school in Oxford Circle has been closed for the past couple of weeks.

District officials say their testing has confirmed that the school is safe.

(Credit: CBS3)

But the union says the district did not follow proper testing protocol and wants the school to remain closed.

“There was a joint-testing agreement that has yet to occur. A minimum of 40 air samples must take place. Testing must be a representative sample using true best practices. Testing up to this point has been haphazard,” the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers said in a statement.

Alexander K. McClure Elementary School in Hunting Park will reopen on Wednesday following its asbestos cleanup.

“It has not been done jointly with us so it’s hard to verify exactly what’s happening. And McClure, every area was tested jointly with us. And so we’re in quite a different situation and to be honest, it’s both alarming and confusing,” said Jerry Roseman, an environmental scientist for the teachers union.

The School District of Philadelphia has not responded to CBS3’s requests for comment on the union’s concerns about Carnell.