‘People Are Itching To Get Out’: Tips For Planning A Getaway From The Cold Winter Months

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It hasn’t even been two weeks since we rang in New Year’s Day, but already many around southwestern Pennsylvania are getting antsy. It is the beginning of a busy recreational travel season.

By a wide margin, perhaps five or six to one, people choose to go to warm destinations this time of year. Despite the fact that a lot of people like to ski, this time of year people are headed south.

“In January and February, most of the time it’s the coldest month here in Pittsburgh,” says Rick Sicilio, owner of Classic Travel and Tour. “People are itching to get out, so right after the new year, they call us up and say, ‘Let’s go. Let’s do a vacation.’”

Sicilio says people are asking for something more than a just a quick trip to Disney to see Mickey Mouse.

“People are looking for more adventure travel. Places like Costa Rica for instance. You can go to the beach, but then, in an hour or two, you can be ziplining in the rain forest,” says Sicilio.

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There is another change — there has been a big spike in the number of people choosing to buy travel insurance.

Sicilio thinks he knows why.

“For Australia — the fires — if you bought the insurance before it was called a natural disaster, then the fire would have been covered. Also, the earthquake in San Juan and Puerto Rico,” he said.

That insurance protects you from more than just the possibility of foul weather or a natural disaster.

“If you have travel insurance it is two ways,” says Scilio. “It covers you before, but it also covers you on the trip, and it’s just an extra security people need while they are on vacation.”

Often times, your medical insurance will not cover your health care if you are out of the United States. Travel insurance can help to get you home if you are injured — including flying you back or using a helicopter should you get hurt and need to get to an American hospital.