PennDOT Road Crews And Drivers Prepare For Possible Icy Conditions

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Weather is expected to cause some dangerous conditions for drivers but crews are planning to be out treating the roads throughout the night.

State and local officials expect driving conditions to be better by morning.

Bruno Schwarz was out running errands to beat the snow and ice headed to the area.

“I didn’t want to take a chance and get out tomorrow with snow and ice and what have you,” he said. “So better off to stay home and stay off the roads.”

As Bruno headed home, road crews prepared to take to the streets.

“Our crews are constantly monitoring the roads and so they’re driving the roads to make sure that they’re aware, especially when ice becomes the issue on the roads,” said Yasmeen Manyisha from PennDOT. “They’re going to be able to salt immediately.”

Saturday’s rain prevented crews from pre-treating the roads so they’ll start from square one again Saturday night while trying to beat the falling temperatures.

“The unfortunate thing is with the rain,” said Mike Gable, Pittsburgh Director of Public Works. “It’s good but it’s also bad because it washes away everything we put down.”

The city is planning on about 60 trucks and PennDOT plans to send about 65.

For many, the incoming weather will be an excuse for a lazy Sunday.

“They’re freezing over, it’s real concerning,” said Robert Sunseri of Wexford. “There will probably be a lot of wrecks.”

“Anybody getting up early, it’s always unpredictable when you go to bed and you wake up and you’re not sure what the roads are going to be,” added Doug Foster.

Both PennDOT and the City of Pittsburgh have trackers for their plows and salt trucks available online.