‘You Got A Friend In Me’: Sixers’ Matisse Thybulle Showing Support For Abington High School Student In Desperate Need Of Bone Marrow Transplant

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — A student at Abington High School is in the fight of his life and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. He’s getting support from family, friends, and a big star with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“Looking forward to graduating and going to college,” Juwan Adams said of his future plans.

He plays percussion, he’s an honor roll student and loves sports.

But Juwan also has cancer Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

credit: CBS3

“I had a big mass, tumor in my heart and around my lungs and on my neck and under my arms,” Juwan said. “So I’ve gone through radiation and chemotherapy.”

This has been the Abington senior’s fight for the last four years but doctors say he is running out of time and can’t wait much longer to find a bone marrow donor.

That’s when Sixer Matisse Thybulle stepped in to help.

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know I heard about your story. I want you to know that you got a friend in me. You’re inspiring me and I know you are going to inspire so many others,” Thybulle said in a video on Twitter. “Continue to be yourself and keep fighting.”

Hundreds of people responded to the tweet and it was all started with Jack Connell. He is a graduate of Hatboro-Horsham High School and when he learned of Juwan’s journey, he took to social media.

“I put something out and asked a couple of my buddies if they could retweet it, just get the word out, we’d really appreciate it and it kind of just blew up right in front of our faces,” Connell said.

The 17-year-old is thankful for all of the support, but he’s in desperate need of a donor.

“My time is running out. I might not be here next year without this donor,” Juwan said.

Juwan tells Eyewitness News he needs a donor by June.

The teen is praying for a miracle and the bone marrow transplant is his lifeline.

“I would really like to live — a couple more years. I’m not ready to go yet. I don’t want to leave this earth,” he said.

If you are interested in becoming a stem cell donor and possibly saving Juwan’s life text SAVEJUWAN to 61474.

You’ll get a swab kit in the mail and after filling out the information, you’ll be entered into the National bone marrow registry.

For more information on joining the National bone marrow registry, click here.