SUV Leaves Path Of Destruction After Crashing Into Delaware County Home

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (CBS) – An SUV barrels into a Delaware County home, leaving behind a gaping hole and a pile of debris. It happened on the 900 block of Clifton Avenue in Collingdale, just before 2 a.m. Friday.

Police say a woman hit a telephone pole before smashing into the building.

“First she hit the telephone pole, the telephone pole over there that’s in my grass now and then she ran into the house,” resident James Agustin said.

SUV Leaves Path Of Destruction After Crashing Into Delaware County Home

Neighbors rushed to the female driver’s aid.

“My daughter and them ran out. She went to check the young lady,” witness Phyllis Alvarado said. “She was like, ‘don’t move, we’re calling 911.’ She was strapped in the seatbelt. My daughter said her face was bloody. But my daughter said, ‘mom, she’s alive, she’s alive.’”

Firefighters rescued the driver, who was trapped inside the SUV, and rushed her to the hospital. A man was inside his apartment in the building but made it out safely.

“I seen a person upstairs, looking out the window, and I’m like, ‘get out, get out, you gotta get out!’” Alvarado said.

Collingdale’s fire chief says witnesses describe the woman as going southbound on Clifton at first, almost running into a church, then doing a U-turn to go northbound, taking down a telephone pole and then smashing into the building.

“It’s 35 miles here, so why are you, you shouldn’t be hitting that building that hard,” Alvarado said.

Two families were displaced.

Investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash.

CBS3’s Trang Do contributed to this report.