Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Among Senators With Fidget Spinners To Relieve Boredom During Trump Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON (CBS News) — After sitting through many hours of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, bored Republican senators figured out a new way to entertain themselves.

Several have been spotted passing the time playing with fidget spinners while Democratic House managers gave their opening statements.

CBS News reports that includes Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey.

The Associated Press reports Senator Richard Burr, a Republican from North Caroilna, passed around the fidget spinners and stress balls to several of his colleagues ahead of Thursday’s proceedings.

While Congressman Jerrold Nadler presented a portion of the Democrats’ case, Burr was seen playing with a blue spinner, which was the only item on his otherwise bare desk.

Other Republican senators, including Tom Cotton and Pat Toomey, had purple and white spinners on their respective desks Thursday. At one point, Cotton was seen twirling the toy on his desktop instead of spinning it between his fingers.

Senators are under strict no-talking and no-electronics rules during the impeachment trial.

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