Cathedral Of Learning Falconcam Returns, New Female Bird Offering Hope For Nesting Success

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Keep your eyes to the sky when you’re near the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland. There’s a new bird in town, and birdwatchers are hoping she’ll soon be adding to the nest.

Anyone can get an up-close look into the Peregrine Falcon nest atop the Pittsburgh landmark through the National Aviary’s Falconcam.

It’s now back up and running again for anyone to watch.

The Aviary says falcon Morela arrived at the nest back in September. She and returning male falcon Terzo have been courting and visiting the nesting box on top of Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning.

Birdwatchers are hopeful they pair will have a successful nesting and hatching season this year.

National Aviary Ornithologist Bob Mulvihill said in a press release:

“The National Aviary’s Falconcam offers an incredible glimpse into the lives of the Peregrine Falcons who rule Pittsburgh’s skies. Each year, thousands watch this dynamic species court, lay eggs and raise their young. This ability to get up close and watch birds at their nest can inspire very strong connections to the natural world around us. We are hopeful that Morela, the new female Peregrine Falcon, will restore what has been a long tradition of successful nesting pairs at the Cathedral of Learning nest site.”

The Cathedral of Learning nest has hosted a pair of Peregrine Falcons since 2002.

Falcon Hope left the nest after the 2018 nesting season. She only fledged half of her chicks. The Aviary says she displayed some “abnormal behavior with several of her eggs and chicks.”

In 1999, Peregrine Falcons were removed from the list of threatened and endangered species.

Click here to watch the National Aviary’s Falconcam.