Pittsburgh Weather: Mixed Rain And Snow Showers Expected This Weekend

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh is off to a foggy start for some with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.

Rain and snow showers will linger along the ridges through the day before switching to light snow showers across the region through early Sunday.

Around an inch of snow is expected for areas north and along the ridges, but the majority of residents will wake up to a coating on Sunday before melting away. Highs today are in the low 40s, and then tomorrow it will gradually clear through the day with highs nearly 10° above normal in the upper 40s.

Right Now – Cloudy, Light mix southeast 32° = h
Today – Mostly Cloudy, Rain showers 41° = M
Tonight – Rain and Snow showers 32°= T
Tomorrow AM – AM snow showers 31° = Q
Tomorrow PM – Gradually Clearing 48° = C