Waiting For Results: Butler Man Tested For Coronavirus On Wednesday Still Does Not Know Results

BUTLER (KDKA) – A local man is self-quarantining with his fiancé as they still wait for test results for the coronavirus.

He was tested on Wednesday and claims he was told he would have the results in 24 hours.

It was on Tuesday when he and his fiancé both came down with fevers and sore throats.

He asked us to not reveal his identity.

According to him, their symptoms came in quickly.

“I just don’t get a fever when I get sick so I thought it was weird,” he said.

The couple called their doctor who told them they were eligible to be tested for COVID-19.

They decided to just have him tested so if it was negative they wouldn’t waste any tests. He went Wednesday to the drive-through testing near Butler Memorial Hospital and was told he would have results by Thursday.

“Still didn’t hear anything by Friday so I called the doctors at 11:30 on Friday,” he said over the phone. “And I said it was just supposed to take a day and they said yeah, it must just be backed up.”

It’s now Sunday and he still hasn’t heard any results.

So, he and his fiancé are self-quarantining to make sure they don’t spread the virus.

“We’re just waiting to hear back before we go on with our lives,” he said to KDKA. “If I have it and I didn’t self-quarantine, I go out a lot in my daily life. I would have contacted countless people.”

According to the Butler Health System, the turnaround times are driven by Quest and they don’t tell people they will have results in 24 hours.

“I’m hoping that it’s because they’re testing more people or people that are sicker first.”

He is not sure if he will call again if he doesn’t hear about his results.

“I hated to even call on Friday because I know they are overwhelmed with patients right now.”

Quest tells KDKA that their turnaround time for test results is between three and four days from the time a sample specimen is picked up by their couriers — but that the time can be impacted by demand.