Coronavirus In Allegheny County: Local Couple Uses 3D Printer To Make Face Masks For Hospitals

VERONA (KDKA) — A local couple is using a 3D printer to make masks for hospitals.

Joe and Kaitlin Dornetta of Verona told KDKA they are printing about 50 respirator masks and face shields per day.

The masks are designed by a company in Chile and printed in the couple’s house.

The gear is soaked in sanitizer for 10 minutes before getting boxed and delivered to medical professionals, free of charge.

“Our production numbers keep going up every day. There is a larger demand than we’re able to meet, but we are rapidly trying to rise to that level of request,” said Joe Dornetta.

The couple said they have a newer version of the face masks coming. The new masks will be closer to the N95 model.

If you are a medical professional and would like to inquire about a mask or face shield, reach out to the couple here.