Republican Sen. Pat Toomey Says Democratic Candidates Were ‘Shill’ And ‘Radical’ During Nevada Debate

LATROBE, Pa. (KDKA) — U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey’s remarks at St. Vincent College before the Economic Growth Connection were largely non-political.

But outside in the hall on Thursday, the Republican had no problem going after the Democratic presidential contenders after Wednesday night’s debate in Nevada.

“There were a lot of very shrill messages and radical positions,” said Toomey.

Toomey, who supports President Donald Trump, targeted one of his Senate colleagues.

“Bernie Sanders gave his impassioned pitch for socialism, which is diametrically opposed to everything that America has stood for over 200 years,’ Toomey said.

As for U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who some thought won the debate, Toomey noted, “Elizabeth Warren won’t accept the description, but she supports all of the exact same policies, so really those are the two in the socialist wing of the Democratic Party.”

As for the rest of the presidential field, “Unfortunately, they’ve dragged other candidates in their direction, maybe not quite as far as they’ve gone, but in their direction.”

And one of those views that will help President Trump win locally is a ban on fracking, Toomey says.

“Sanders and Warren have been the most outspoken and adamant that there needs to be a complete end to all fracking, which is to say a complete end to all future development of oil and gas in America,” Toomey said.

“That’s crazy,” adds Toomey.