Coronavirus Changes: Port Authority Modifies Lost & Found Procedures, Sees Overcrowding On Routes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Despite reducing service by 25%, Port Authority is finding out some routes have too many people and buses are overcrowding.

This overcrowding has led to some passengers being unable to keep six feet of distance.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, drivers have been told to pass riders if their bus is too full. Those drivers are told to call dispatch to get another bus to pick them up but it doesn’t always happen.

Overcrowding has also been an issue on the light rail, which Port Authority says they are looking into.

Port Authority is also changing its lost and found procedures in order to reduce the amount of contact their employees have with members of the public.

Beginning on April 2, customers will only be able to pick up wallets, IDs, passports, credit cards, checkbooks, personal electronic devices, and items valued at over $300.

Port Authority is asking customers to call customer service in order to arrange for physical distancing arrangements to be put in place when items are picked up.

Riders can report lost items and if they are recovered, they will receive a claim number for pick up at a later date.