Coronavirus Latest: Local Hairstylist Offers Tips For Doing Your Own Hair While Staying At Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Once this quarantine is over, many will be rushing to make an appointment at the hair salon. Everyone needs haircuts, perhaps even some color, but many aren’t even waiting.

A local stylist spoke with CBS3 about what is OK to do yourself and what you should leave to the pros.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t wait to swivel around in that salon chair one of these days. But in the meantime, what do we do?

A hairstylist from Concilhairge, a hair company that used to be able to go to your home and take care of your hair needs. But she’s giving tips for the right now of what we can do during these hairy times.

“My biggest tip is only do things that are temporary. It’s very tempting to go get that box,” Concihairge CEO Stephanie Cleck said. “If you are though going to grab that box, just put it on what hairstylists call the T zone, so meaning right down the center and around the sides and keep track of what you use.

“What we use in the salon and what they use in the box, they don’t jive well together. That formula is not made to be put on the rest of your hair, it’s just made to be put on that new growth.”

Watch the video above for more tips on what to do with your hair during the coronavirus pandemic.