‘We’re All In This Together’: Pittsburgh Steelers DE Cameron Heyward Has A Message For His City

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – “We’re all in this together, Pittsburgh. Let’s hunker down. Let’s be patient. Let’s do this for each other.” That’s the message from longtime Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward.

He posted a story on the Players’ Tribune on Thursday asking everyone in Pittsburgh to take the stay-at-home recommendations seriously: “Our discipline in locking down right now will save a ton of lives in the near future.”

The moral of his story is that people need to respect the social distancing parameters that have been set across most of the country, but especially here in his city of Pittsburgh.

He heard from his mother a few weeks ago that his grandmother was on her weekly run to Target and he couldn’t believe it.

“When you come from a tough, hard-nosed town, and your family is filled with people who have lived through pretty much everything, there’s a tendency to think you’ll always be fine, no matter what,” he said.


That’s a very dangerous mindset to have during this tough time. Anyone out there could be a carrier of the coronavirus and you could be saving lives by just staying home.

Heyward has three requests of the residents of Pittsburgh in his story.

First of all, if you have grandparents, or your parents are older, pick up your phone right now and dial them up. Ask them how they’re doing. Check in. See if they need anything.

The second thing you can do is if you’re healthy and can make it happen, tell them that if they need anything, you’ll go get it for them yourself. Or you’ll track down someone who can. Protect them. Make this your mission.

Lastly, if you are fortunate enough to have the means in this difficult time, to donate to the Emergency Action Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation. They provide grants to nonprofits that assist those who are being most affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“Quite simply: If you stay home, you’re helping to keep everyone else healthy and safe. Do it for our city.” A strong message from a pillar in our community and a message we should all listen to.

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