Coronavirus Delaware County: Havertown Priest On Holding Virtual Mass On Palm Sunday, New Normal In Age Of Pandemic

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — On the eve of Palm Sunday, Pope Francis broadcasted a virtual mass from Vatican City. This is the new normal for churchgoers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the holy week, among the most important and sacred days for Christians worldwide.

Father Kevin Gallagher, of the St. Denis Parish, spoke with CBS3 on Saturday night.

“It is surreal. To celebrate mass in an empty church is something in 18 years as a priest, I’ve never experienced and to enter these holy days, holy week, without people is remarkable,” Gallagher said. “How our people have been so supportive, have watched us with mass live-streaming, on Facebook.

“While it’s very, very challenging, it’s a real leap of faith for so many people these days, it is a blessing through technology to be able to join together.”

Watch the video above for the full interview.

CBS3’s Joe Holden contributed to this report.