Coronavirus Philadelphia: #PhillyCityWide Toasts ‘Legends Of 2020’ With Virtual Happy Hour For Work On Frontlines

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Saturday night,”#PhillyCityWide” was trending on Twitter. Philadelphians near and far toasted with an iconic drink.

It was a virtual happy hour that took a tone of gratitude. We’ll call them the “Legends of 2020,” the frontliners who raised the charge and ran into battle.

Sanitation workers. Police. Delivery folks.

They hoisted a drink and saluted you tonight across Philadelphia and beyond.


Alone together with greetings from the driveway in Maryland.

And calculating this timeout we’re in.

No sports. No ‘Nova. No Flyers, Sixers or Phillies.

Parents looking for a little escape with a hometown brew.

Supplies ever dwindling, but we’re working with high hopes.

And the inspiration — Inquirer reporter Stephanie Farr.

In her own words, “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the people of Philadelphia to dissolve the bands which have connected them, may they raise a City Wide Special alone together, in honor of Philly, to keep her spirit alive in their hearts & tummies!”