Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center Presuming All Staff And Patients Are Positive Coronavirus Cases

BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. (KDKA) — A Beaver County nursing home is operating under the presumption that all of their staff and patients already are positive cases of Coronavirus.

According to a press release from the Brighton Rehabiliation & Wellness Center, they say all staff and patients will be treated as if they already have the virus.

They’re proceeding with these presumptive positive measure to protect everyone.

Over the weekend, A union representative from the nursing home reported at least 42 of the 450 patients living there tested positive and three had died.

The employees’union says 10 of the more than 300 workers had tested positive.

Last night, the nursing home spoke with the Department of Health and they decided to no longer count test results there.

They will instead, isolate and aggressively treat anyone showing symptoms.

They believe it will allow everyone to be more protected of anyone who is asymptomatic.

Staff are using N-95 masks and other protective equipment to keep themselves safe.

As they are now presuming the almost 800 people living or working at the facility have the virus.

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