DA: Teenager Charged In Deadly Attempted Burglary At Gun Range In South Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has announced charges against a teenager for his role in an attempted burglary of a South Philadelphia firing range. Khaleef Brown, 17, now faces a number of charges including burglary and robbery following the incident that happened Tuesday at Firing Line, Inc. in Pennsport.

Philadelphia Police say a group of four men used bolt cutters to cut the lock to the gate and force open the door. They made their way to the second floor, where the 67-year-old owner was armed and waiting, after seeing the men on his surveillance camera.

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One of the men, a 29-year-old, was armed with a handgun.

As they entered a door on the second floor, the owner fired three times, killing the 29-year-old while also striking Brown in the shoulder.

“The facts we know and the law are clear that the business owner’s use of force while inside his own property against a burglar accompanied by others who was entering with a gun in his hand was justified. It is fortunate for the City of Philadelphia that this large cache of guns and ammunitions were not taken and sold on the street,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said.

According to officials, Brown then went to Jefferson University Hospital seeking medical treatment.

He was questioned by police who connected him to the burglary.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no word on the other two suspects.