Hunting Park ShopRite Reopens After Being Badly Damaged By Looters Last Weekend

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia grocery store reopened on Friday after it was looted and badly damaged nearly a week ago. Parts of the store are still boarded up, but the store at Fox and Roberts Streets is back up and running. And people from the community are grateful to be back at work.

There was a huge turnout from the community Friday morning. Members from a number of churches were there in prayer.

One speaker said the president and CEO of Brown’s Super Stores not only put bread on their tables, but he also puts bread in their pockets.  

The owner hires a vast majority of black and brown people and also gives those transitioning from the prison system into society a second chance.

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Video posted online showed vandals ransacking the store, stealing merchandise, smashing computers and making a mess.

When they hit, not only did the most comprehensive supermarket in the area close, it affected those that depend on it for critical needs.

“When tragedy hit, the first thought we had, how are people going to get food or their medicine. We’re not going to worry about if we have insurance, which we do. We’re gonna worry about keeping our doors open so we can take care of our people. And here we are,” owner Jeff Brown said.

Hundreds of members from black churches offered to stand guard to watch over the store, but there is no need. There are now armed guards in the strip mall.

The ShopRite of Parkside, where there was even more damage, will officially reopen on Monday, but a prayer celebration and soft opening will happen on Sunday.

CBS3’s Alecia Reid contributed to this report