Cell Phone Leads Police To Suspect Accused Of Vandalizing Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial, Leaving Delaware Flags Soaked In Urine

DOVER, Del. (CBS) – Authorities have arrested a man accused of vandalizing the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial in Dover. Police say a cell phone left behind at the scene helped them track down the suspect.

Dover police arrested and charged 42-year-old Kyle Bullock with one count of felony criminal mischief. Investigators say he used an axe to damage the memorial and left behind two Delaware flags soaked in urine.

Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial In Dover Damaged With Axe, Delaware Flags Soaked In Urine

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Police say they received a call early Friday morning that someone was seen smashing the memorial. During the investigation, they found a cell phone at the scene that belonged to Bullock.

Bullock later returned for the cell phone while officers were still at the scene. Bullock claimed that he had lost it in the area while participating in a protest.

Investigators say Bullock had been in the area of the protest acting disorderly towards law enforcement officials. However, he was not affiliated with the group of demonstrators who have been protesting there in recent days.