Bear Spotted In West Deptford Does Not Pose Threat, Wildlife Agencies Tell Police

WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. (CBS) — Bear sightings continue to pop up around South Jersey. A bear was spotted in West Deptford on Tuesday morning.

Wildlife agencies told the West Deptford Police Department that the bear does not pose a threat so it does not need to be trapped and relocated.

Police say the bear seems to have an appetite for birdseeds and trash.

Credit: West Deptford Police

“We ask everyone to simply stay inside if the bear is in your area. Securing trash and bird feeders will assist with moving it along,” West Deptford police said.

Residents are encouraged to not go into neighborhoods to see the bear because that will scare or disturb it.

There were bear sightings last week in Monroe Township, Gloucester County and Winslow Township, Camden County.