Dueling Rallies Over Rep. Commissioner Joe Gale Happening In Montgomery County

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Dueling rallies are happening in Montgomery County over Rep. Commissioner Joe Gale. Eyewitness News was at One Montgomery Plaza in Norristown Thursday morning.

Dozen of clergy members gathered to call for Gale to resign. They said Gale’s June statement was designed to stir racist fear.

His statement called Black Lives Matter a perpetrator of domestic terror and a hate group.

“Any politician, any preacher, any institution, any president, anyone that devalues and comes against those principals that God has given us must go,” Pastor Bryon Craig said. “Black lives do matter.”

Supporters of Gale also held a rally Thursday morning.

The president of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania said Gale was right to condemn Black Lives Matter because of its support of Planned Parenthood.

Gale’s two fellow commissioners, both Democrats, voted to censure him.

This week Pennsylvania Sen. Daylin Leach announced a resolution to investigate whether Gale’s statement violated the law, ethics rules or county policy.