‘We Want Transparency’: Healthcare Workers Protest In East Liberty, Demanding To Know Where Funds Sent To Nursing Homes Have Gone

EAST LIBERTY (KDKA) — A group of healthcare workers is demanding transparency from officials about funds sent to nursing homes during the Coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday morning, they stood in front of Excel Home Care in East Liberty, holding signs that read “Home Care is Essential.” The workers say they want to know where millions of dollars from the CARES Act is going. They believe that money from the CARES Act should go to the frontline workers, specifically mentioning the minority workers. They want hazard pay, PPE and paid sick time. The group wanted to drop off a letter but told KDKA Excel’s office locked their doors and would not let them inside.

“They called the building manager, and he asked us to leave,” Francis Nolan Adams of the SEIU Union said. “When all we wanted to do was have them explain to us where the money has gone that they’re getting and hand them a letter. And to clarify something, Excel is getting $6 million dollars.”

KDKA reached out to Excel Home Care for a response, and they had no comment.