Scott Kingery Reports To Philadelphia Phillies’ Summer Camp After Battling COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Scott Kingery reported rejoined the Phillies on Saturday after battling COVID-19. Kingery says he likely got the virus from a trainer or player who he was working out with in Arizona.

Now, Kingery has a message for his teammates.

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“You have to wear your mask as much as possible because if one guy in the clubhouse gets it, you don’t know who’s been exposed to the virus. We don’t know who is going to have to quarantine if something like that happens,” Kingery said. “I think because we’ve never been through something like this, it’s kind of on the fly. So if you can take as many precautions as possible to stay safe and keep your distance from others, that’s the best way to keep yourself from getting the virus.”

Kingery arrived in Philadelphia two days ago after several COVID-19 tests, which all came back negative.

Last season, Kingery hit .258 with 19 home runs and 55 RBI while playing all over the diamond.