Takeout With Tori: Blue Claw Seafood & Crab Eatery In South Jersey Brings You Sweet Meat Beneath The Break

BURLINGTON, N.J. (CBS) — For many people, summertime is all about seafood, so for this week’s Takeout With Tori, we went fishing for some great takeout. Are you looking for that snap of sweet meat you can only find beneath the break? Well, in Burlington, the Blue Claw Seafood and Crab Eatery has every kind of crab you can imagine — and they take their seafood as serious as a tattoo.

That’s why they source their crabs from crabbers all along the coast.

“Some of them are driving up from Florida, some Maryland, some Lousiana, and Jersey,” Jessica Ditmars said. “So we get crabs all up the East Coast and every day of the week.”

(Credit: CBS3)

Ditmars is one of the owners and it’s been her home away from home since she was a teenager.

“A classmate of mine was like ‘hey, my job is looking for bus people, do you want to work?’ And I was like yeah,” Ditmars said. “And then the rest is history. I never even ate seafood before I started working there so it just turned my life around.”

She says COVID-19 surely turned this eatery upside down, but it didn’t crack because the customers were their net.

Watch the video above for the full “Takeout With Tori.”