‘Like A Raging River’: Aston Residents Say Flooding Became Worse After Township Widen Retention Pond

ASTON, Pa. (CBS) — Back-to-back storms this week wreaked havoc on the region, including parts of Delaware County. Aston was particularly hard hit with flooding, an issue residents say is becoming more common. Not only are neighbors dealing with flooding every time it rains, but some are also tackling sewage backup that seeps into their homes and yard.

“It looked like a raging river,” resident Rita Mansi said.

Friday’s rainstorm was quite a scare in Aston Township.

“We were running between the back of the house to the front of the house,” Mansi said. “We were worried about the car floating away.”

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Neighbors say at least two cars were totaled after getting stuck in the turbulent water.

Flooding has always been an issue on this section of Weird Road. The township recently invested a large sum into widening this retention pond, but it appears the construction only made matters worse.

“It used to just go over to the ball field and flood, now it’s coming all the way up and across,” Mansi said, “and across our property and down the street.”

For the second time in a week, John Markos’ fence was destroyed. He’s also concerned about the foundation of his home.

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“The drainage is too small for the pipe to handle the water when it comes in,” Markos said, “and all the excess of it comes this way. I’m afraid big time because of the power of the water eating up on the other side of the house and they get the foundation. Someday it’ll collapse down. The whole house is going to go down.”

And it’s not refinishing what was washed away outside. Neighbors are distraught about indoor water damage.

“I have water in my house, water in basement, water in my bathroom, water in my laundry room,” Anthony Capuano said. “It’s just a mess.”

Eyewitness News spoke with the commissioner from the 4th Ward on Saturday. He said he has been in contact with other commissioners and that they’re concerned about township residents. They’ve been talking to the engineers and will be getting together soon to figure out a future plan.