Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Burns Joe Haden Jerseys On Instagram

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A former Cincinnati Bengal burned some Steelers jerseys on Instagram.

(Photo Credit: Adam Jones/Instagram)

Adam “Pacman” Jones set some Joe Haden jerseys on fire. In an Instagram video Wednesday, Jones took a jersey out, poured gasoline on it and used a lighter to start a fire. As the jersey went up in flames, he added more to the fire. Jones said in the video that a box of gear was delivered to him.

It appears Pacman thought it was a prank by Haden or someone else. Haden responded on Instagram, saying he did not send the jerseys.

“That’s nuts,” Haden said on an Instagram story. “You think I would really go out of my way to send you signed Haden jerseys? No. I know you, Pacman. We ran into each other a lot. I got respect for you.”

Haden said he recently did an autograph signing, and he’s not sure how the jerseys ended being sent to Jones.