On A Positive Note: Young Man Organizes Clean Up Crew To Beautify Community

TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) — Tyresse Tibbs is one of those ambitious young people who just gets things done.

KDKA’s Kym Gable caught up with the 18-year-old and his new “Turtle Creek Pick Up Crew” at Hamilton Park in Turtle Creek.

The recent Woodland Hills graduate took to social media during the pandemic because he was saddened by the trash and debris he saw throughout his community.

“I decided to make a post on the Turtle Creek community Facebook page,” Tibbs said.

About 40 volunteers answered his call to action, including borough leaders like Councilwoman Connie Tinsley.

“He is the first young person, I have lived here 22 years, who has ever stepped forward to take the initiative to do something on his own — to organize, to clean up the town,” Tinsley said.

“I just thought, people are inside because of COVID, so maybe I could just take advantage of this and help the community as well,” Tibbs said.

Tinsley said his community pride is contagious.

“This is what we need to see, young people stepping up and realizing they can make a difference in the places that they live,” she said.