Eagles Fans Return To ‘Pretty Eerie’ Lincoln Financial Field For First Time This Season

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A quiet and much smaller crowd of Eagles fans left Lincoln Financial Field Sunday afternoon after the team’s 30-28 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Only around 5,500 to 6,000 people were allowed to purchase tickets because of the city’s COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor events.

“It was actually pretty eerie being in there with not a whole stadium,” said Danielle Brennan of Media, Delaware County. “It was weird, yeah, totally weird, the energy is different.”

Eagles’ Fourth-Quarter Rally Falls Short In 30-28 Loss To Ravens

The most diehard Birds fans said it was important for them to be there for the first home game with fans this season — win or lose.

“It’s always been our tradition to be here, and we feel like now, more than ever, the Eagles need support,” said Rachel Hines of Berlin, New Jersey.

“Even though it’s been a rough season, it’s still the first game that fans are allowed to be back in, so as rough as it is I’m sure they appreciate having fans there cheering, whether it’s good or bad,” said Javi Marroquin from Delaware.

Inside the stadium, fans were required to wear masks and were seated with those in their groups at least six feet apart from other groups.

“Even though we were spread apart, you’re air high-fiving people, you’re still getting excited,” Hines said.

“Yeah, it is pretty exciting still,” added Aaron Weston of South Philadelphia. “Everybody’s into it, and as long as you have your mask on, no one is really worried about doing too much or anything, so it’s still a good time.”

There wasn’t a whole lot to cheer about, as the Eagles were blown out in the first half. A fourth-quarter comeback brought some excitement to the stands, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

“We’re just not a good team right now, our offensive line is terrible,” said Jason Brennan of Media. “I love Carson Wentz, so I can’t talk bad about him, but you don’t have the receivers, so there’s not much he can do.”

Despite another loss in what has been a frustrating season, fans told Eyewitness News they would absolutely attend Thursday’s home game against the New York Giants.